• How far from town is Runnymede Country Inn?
    The inn is just over 3 miles from Main Street, or about a 5 minute drive.
  • Are the innkeepers on site?
    Yes, Anne Farrar and Jenny Farrar Jones, owners and innkeepers live in a cottage on the property.
  • Do I have to check in at a specific time?
    No, Check in time begins at 3:00 p.m., check out is 11:00 a.m. Since many guests have varied schedules, keys are left in marked envelopes for the various rooms and cottages. This arrangement gives guests the freedom to enjoy their trip here instead of worrying about making a specific check in time.
  • When is breakfast and what is served?
    Breakfast is served in the main inn between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. The meal is served buffet style and includes fresh fruit, home baked breads or pastries, a hot entrée such as quiche, breakfast casserole or meat dish, homemade granola and other cereals, juice and coffee or tea.
  • Do you provide irons and hair dryers?
    All rooms/cottages have a hairdryer for guest use. All the cottages have individual irons and ironing boards. There is an iron and ironing board in the linen closet for those staying in the four rooms in the main inn.
  • Do you allow children?
    Children over 12 are welcome in any of the accommodations. Those under 12 can stay in the cottages any time, but must be supervised by an  adult around the pool and water garden areas. If a group or family books all 4 rooms in the main inn, children under 12 may stay with them in the main inn.
  • Do you see any wildlife or wildflowers at the inn?
    The inn is in a rural area, surrounded by pastures, fields and many types of native trees and plants. A wide array of wildflowers can be found on the property. White tail deer are frequent visitors while plantings and feeders attract a variety of birds and butterflies depending on the season. Outdoor cats entertain guests with their antics. Cattle and goats can be seen in nearby pastures.
  • Are there walking or jogging paths on the property?
    Guests are welcome to walk the property, which is almost 10 acres. No specific paths are marked at this time. The Pedernales River is just down the road, close enough for a nice stroll or jog .
  • Is there space for entertaining groups or other special uses?
    All the guests staying at Runnymede are welcome to use the living room in the main inn as a place for relaxing and visiting. For larger groups, the inn has a gathering room off the kitchen that can be rented for entertaining or for meetings or retreats. The room is also great for crafting or sewing groups that wish to set up their materials or projects and leave them up during their stay. The gathering room opens out to a terrace that has tables and chairs for additional seating.
  • Can guests use the kitchen for food preparation?
    The kitchen in the main inn is the heart of breakfast preparation and guest use is strictly prohibited due to health codes. Guests may use the microwave, tea kettle, and help themselves to the variety of cups and wine glasses to the left of the sink. Six of our rooms include a mini-fridge and coffee-maker. All of our cottages also include a microwave. Please see the Accommodations for descriptions of these rooms.
  • Is the pool open all year?
    No. Our pool is not heated and the water gets too cold during the fall and winter months. Therefore, the pool is open for guest use from approximately early May through late September, depending on the weather. However, guests are more than welcome to sit around the pool and use the chiminea all year!